HMRC Compliance

The Construction Industry Scheme (“CIS”)

The Construction Industry Scheme or CIS as its more commonly known has been around in various shapes and sizes since 1975!!

However, the current CIS has been with us since 2007 and is designed to allow HMRC to receive tax from workers within the construction industry up-front of the end of each tax year.

It is however a heavily regulated scheme and HMRC are constantly looking at both Contractors and Sub-contractors within construction to ensure full compliance with the legislation.

CIS compliance in safe hands

Here at QCCL we can ensure that the basic things like ensuring that all tax on Sub-contractors payments is calculated correctly right through to more complicated matters such as enquiries from HMRC and contractual requirements are legally sound and fit for purpose

It should be reassuring to know that QCCL only deal with the CIS so is naturally experience and fully conversant in all aspects of the operation of CIS giving our clients the peace of mind they are looking for knowing their CIS compliance is in safe hands.

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