About Qualified Commercial Contractors Ltd

Qualified Commercial Contractors Ltd (QCCL) have developed processes that help to keep Sub-contractors and Contractors compliant within the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Why use QCCL?

QCCL has worked tirelessly within the Construction Industry Scheme to understand what is required to maintain the highest standards of compliance ensuring a hassle free service.

QCCL has a team of fully experienced and dedicated staff including foreign language specialists who will guide you every step of the way. In addition QCCL engage the services of Tax and Law professional who advise on the legislation requirement helping provide the compliant service needed to avoid HMRC problems.

How QCCL assist you

There is no doubt that the CIS is regarded as a high risk area of compliance by HMRC who will always be looking to ensure the scheme is operated correctly.

Here at QCCL we can provide a service which ensures both Contractors and Sub-contractors remain compliant by taking the full responsibility for engaging and paying Sub-contractors correctly, on time with the correct CIS deductions where required.

Qualified Commercial

Contractors Ltd .

QCCL is owned and operated by business people who have a long and successful career in supply CIS compliant contracting solutions.

Working with many large construction businesses in and around the London area QCCL has grown to understand that Contractors are looking to have peace of mind when it comes to sourcing its skilled sub-contract labour force without having to worry about the regulatory burden that comes with engagements of sub-contractors within the industry.

QCCL employment experienced multi-lingual staff who are on hand to help guide Contractors and Sub-contractors through the engagement and compliance processes allowing Contractors to get on with their obligations to Client knowing that any Sub-contractors provided will be genuinely skilled and registered to paid correctly through CIS.

Furthermore, the Sub-contractors will be registered with HMRC correctly, paid correctly on time and be assured that all of the appropriate CIS deductions will have been recorded correctly, submitted and paid to HMRC on time, every time.

What we can do for you


QCCL receives payments from its contractor clients for the construction services it provides through you as a Sub-Contractor.

QCCL’s dedicated payments team will then pay you as the Sub-contractor for the services you have provided in the prior week.

This payment will be sent to your nominated bank account and you will receive a test message confirming the payment details along with a payment and deduction statement that will be sent to your home address.

The statement will detail the gross amount of your payment less any deductions for our services and CIS tax.

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